Why Russell Wilson and the Denver Broncos are a Joke

Image source: Bleacher Report

The Denver Broncos and quarterback Russell Wilson continue to prove why they’re the laughingstock of the NFL.

We’re all guilty of overhyping certain things from time to time, but none more so than the Denver Broncos and quarterback Russell Wilson, as they had led us to believe that they were on the cusp of completely overtaking the NFL. While it’s still very early in the 2022 NFL season, it’s reasonable to say that the Denver Broncos and Russell Wilson are a joke, and below are the reasons why.

Broncos Country, Step Aside

If there’s one team that sticks out from those who took part in the arm’s race this past offseason, it’s the Denver Broncos for having made a blockbuster trade to acquire 9x Pro-Bowl and Super Bowl XLVIII champion quarterback Russell Wilson from the Seattle Seahawks.

This trade came mere days after Denver’s front office attempted to pry Aaron Rodgers from the Green Bay Packers. While they were unable to acquire AR12, they did, however, manage to steal their brilliant offensive coordinator, Nathanial Hackett, and named him their new head coach.

It’s important to understand that this Broncos team was already on the cusp of becoming a true Super Bowl threat in the AFC, but they needed a quality starter under center in order to get over the hump who wasn’t named Drew Lock. That man was (believed) to be Wilson.

The trade to Denver was seen as not only liberation for the dual-threat quarterback, but it was also a revenge tour. With his overwhelming optimism and praise for the organization, “DangeRuss” managed to talk the entire league into hopping on the bandwagon. Now, struggling with a 2-3 record on the season, following yet another embarrassing defeat, the Broncos are proving to be nothing more than a flimsy tumbleweed as opposed to a daunting stallion poised to trample those in its path.

Let Russ Cook?

For years, fans and analysts alike had ridiculed the Seattle Seahawks for not utilizing Russell Wilson as he should be. Perhaps head coach, Pete Carroll, was jealous of how much attention Russ had, and as a result, he held him back so that some spotlight could be saved for good ‘ole Pete.

Regardless of what the motive was, Wilson had reached a point of no return with Seattle and decided that he needed a change in scenery. Denver, desperate for a game-changer, would swoop in to get its face of the franchise, while Russ was getting his opportunity to truly let loose and be himself. It has become revealing that there was a reason why Wilson was kept on a short leash, and it wasn’t because Pete Carroll wanted to control his spotlight.

The Denver Broncos have, indeed, let Russ cook, though, to everyone’s disbelief, it’s been nothing but unseasoned garbage. In their first five matchups of the 2022 NFL season, Denver has scored north of 20 points on just one occasion. Their team offense ranks 31st in scoring (75 total points), 30th on 3rd Down conversions (30.6%), and 32nd in Red Zone touchdowns (3). In simple words, this offense is ghastly underwhelming. They’re as effective on offense as wet socks are at keeping your feet warm in Siberia (not effective at all).

If receivers were struggling to get open or plays simply weren’t developing, the blame would fall onto coach Hackett. However, there are only so many guys who are to blame when a receiver is in the end zone dancing to the YMCA to signal he’s wide open and the quarterback can’t hit him with a pass.

I Hate This Channel

To make matters worse for the Denver Broncos, due to their much-anticipated debut with Wilson under center, the NFL penciled them in for four prime-time football slots on television, with an additional game taking place in Europe at the end of October. Thus far, their first two prime-time slots have been an absolute snoozefest. To paint a proper picture for you, they’ve scored just one touchdown in those two games…

Patrick Star seen turning off the Indianapolis Colts vs. Denver Broncos game after watching one too many punts.

It’s one thing to have growing pains with a new team, just as Matthew Stafford had (and continues to have) with the L.A. Rams. However, despite said growing pains, he did manage to lead them to a Super Bowl championship. Russell Wilson, at this point in time, can’t even lead his team through a mirror maze on the boardwalk.

As mentioned before, we’re all guilty of overhyping things that don’t deserve half the recognition they receive, and the NFL is no exception. The individuals who mapped out the schedule drank the Kool-Aid thinking that Denver would be an absolute wagon of a team in 2022, and as a result, we’re all stuck with a wasted time slot whenever the Broncos are unfortunately on our televisions. Unless Russell Wilson can figure it out in the biggest way possible, all people will be able to do is point and laugh at Denver’s sorry attempt at trying to get ahead of the competition.