3 Teams that can Dethrone the Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Photo Credit: NFL.com

The 2021 NFL season is just weeks away and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are without a doubt the most dominating team in the league. Even after winning it all last season, they’re constantly getting better as the greatest quarterback of all time gets more comfortable in his second year with the team. We’re talking about Tom Brady, maybe you’ve heard of him. He already has six (6) Super Bowl rings and he’s looking to secure number seven in the upcoming season. For those of you who loath this team, however, there is some hope as there are three teams that could bring down this powerhouse. Let’s kick it off with number one, shall we?

The (Bay)Watch

2020 was a disappointing year for a San Fransisco 49ers team that made a Super Bowl appearance the year prior and the fabled Turf Monster is to blame for it. It seemed as though each week the 49ers lost another star or someone who was breaking out in a big way to injury and as a result, the team simply couldn’t feed a winning roster. Now, with a full offseason for rest and recovery, the team from the ‘Bay area is looking to make a thunderous statement with revenge on their mind. They have their dominant roster back to full health and now possess a promising and highly touted rookie quarterback in Trey Lance who could make some noise at some point during the 2021 season. If the 49ers resume their call to action from the 2019 season, there’s no doubt that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will be grinding their teeth at night knowing they have to face that bone-jarring 49ers defense that puts fear into everyone. If this team can’t get it done though, there are still two more teams on this list that can.

Rolling Thunder

An improved offensive line, a new head coach, a sensational talent at quarterback; a few of the many reasons why the L.A. Chargers are going to be a force to reckon for the Buccaneers to reckon with. To start it off, there’s a reason why QB Justin Herbert is prophesized to be an otherworldly player in the NFL. He was awarded the 2020 Offensive Rookie of the Year for leading all quarterbacks in yards and passer rating when throwing under pressure, for commanding a team with incredible confidence and poise as a rookie, and an unconscious ability to throw the prettiest ball in the league. He may be 6’6″ – 240 lbs, but Herbert can move like the wind and can throw pinpoint passes while doing so. He now also has 2020 First-Team All-Pro center Corey Linsley in front of him on the offensive line who will become a reliable blocker for him. Linsley was the captain of the line for the Green Bay Packers in front of some guy named Aaron Rodgers. This team has the ability to achieve a 12-win season with this roster and could usurp the defending Super Bowl champions if they build off of that strong start a year ago. If they fail to do so, there’s still one more squad that can take down the superteam that is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Ready for Round 2?

It would be impossible to make this list and leave the Kansas City Chiefs off of it. The franchise looks to make history with a fourth straight Super Bowl appearance in the 2021 season and with a quarterback like Patrick Mahomes II, there’s little to doubt about their chances in doing so. Were it not for an injury-plagued offensive line in the Super Bowl matchup against the Bucs, who knows what the outcome could have been? Whenever Mahomes is on the field, there’s a chance for each pass to end in a touchdown. No team can match KC’s speed at wide receiver as they possess the fastest and second fastest players in the league with Tyreek Hill and Mecole Hardman respectively. This team already knows what it takes to win it all and as one of the only three teams that could defeat Goliath, they need to dial in and put their words into action. There’s no question in mind that the Chiefs want another run at Tampa Bay, and if they continue to play their game, they’ll get it, only this time they will finish it. They have the ability to defeat the Buccaneers, and after a 31-9 defeat on the biggest stage in all of sports, now they have the inspiration to do so.