The New York Jets Need to Go All-In for Deshaun Watson

The opportunity for the New York Jets to emerge as a legitimate adversary in the NFL has arisen, as murmurs that quarterback Deshaun Watson is open to a trade out of the Houston Texans’ dumpster fire of a franchise spread. With an equal amount of room to gain and lose ground in their division, the Jets need to go all-in for one of the top quarterbacks in the NFL today.

Knight in Shining Armor

For those of you who don’t know who Deshaun Watson is, he’s very good at football. A Top 3 quarterback in the NFL good at football. Even without superstar wide receiver D’Andre Hopkins, Watson still led the league in passing yards with 4,823 on a season where he also had a 70.2 completion percentage (career-high), 33 passing touchdowns (career-high), 7 interceptions (career-low), and a 112.4 quarterback rating (career-high). The 2020 NFL season was the third consecutive year Deshaun Watson was voted to the Pro Bowl and has now achieved such honors in three out of his four seasons in the league. Again, Watson did all of this in a 2020 season where he was without a capable receiving core while playing for a 4-12 Houston Texans team that relied on him in every facet of the game. What makes him such an unbelievable talent at the quarterback position is that, not only is there not a single throw he can’t make, but he has incredible mobility in the backfield and can break off a 30-yard run at any moment. Watson is truly one of the most dynamic NFL players today. If the New York Jets were to acquire him, we’d be forced to take them very seriously because this 25-year old quarterback is the furthest thing from a joke.

Petty Rivalries

It’s no secret that a storm has been brewing in the AFC East the past few years. In a division that was once three abysmal franchises and a dynasty, the new-look AFC East teams are becoming a threat. The scariest part about this up and coming division in the NFL is that the Miami Dolphins are now the second-best team in it, with the Buffalo Bills taking the crown as the top team and the New England Patriots sitting in third, just above the sad New York Jets. In order for the Jets to re-structure these rankings, they need to go all-in for Deshaun Watson, quarterback for the Houston Texans. While the reason for acquiring a Top 3 QB goes without saying, the Jets have another motivation, and that’s the other suitors for Watson. Of the teams that are the most invested in the young quarterback, the top teams include the New York Jets, the Miami Dolphins, and the New England Patriots… Not only would trading for Watson make this depressing franchise astronomically better, but if they don’t trade for him, a divisional rival will. The Dolphins and Bills are setting up a future that can guarantee 10-years of success, and while the Patriots have certainly lost their clout, they’re miles ahead of the Jets. If New York sits idly by and watches the Dolphins trade for Watson, then they deserve to be demoted to the XFL. This franchise has settled for mediocrity for far too long. They need Watson to not only gain respect, but to prevent their division rivals from becoming unstoppable.

Very Nice How Much?

Obviously, Deshaun Watson to the New York Jets makes a ton of sense, but how much would it cost to acquire him? Well, let’s just say he isn’t going to come at a discount. In order for the Houston Texans to be convinced to trade their franchise quarterback, the New York Jets would need to offer nothing short of the No. 2 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft, a good player from their current roster, and additional first-round picks in future draft classes. Let’s say, hypothetically, the trade would require the aforementioned No. 2 overall selection in this year’s draft, their first-round pick in 2022 and 2023 respectively, and QB Sam Darnold as well. Yes, that is a very hefty package to ship, but it’s the price to pay for one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL. The New York Jets possess five (5) first-round draft picks in the next three years, so they would have some security in their draft stock while still having enough to make an intriguing offer. While the Texans would be losing their franchise quarterback, they’d be more than happy to accept three 1st Round picks (2021, 2022, 2023) courtesy of the New York Jets. The Jets look like they’d be giving up the farm for Deshaun Watson, but they’d still come out on top because they’d be gaining a talent that stands just behind names like Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers in the NFL (not a big deal). The New York Jets cannot afford to settle for mediocrity any longer. The time is now to offer a trade that the Houston Texans can’t refuse.