Josh Allen is the Next Great Quarterback of the NFL

The Buffalo Bills entered the 2020 NFL season with a chip on their shoulder knowing that their quarterback, Josh Allen, who many believed was a bust from the 2018 NFL Draft, was going to have an MVP-caliber season. Through rigorous training, adjustments, and maturity, Josh Allen is poised to become the next elite quarterback in the NFL.

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Quarterback Josh Allen was drafted 7th overall in the 2018 Draft by the Buffalo Bills and had the potential of becoming a star player in the league, but something was missing. He had an absolute howitzer for an arm, but he didn’t know how to control it. He had incredible mobility and speed despite being 6’5″ – 237lbs, but he didn’t know when to use it. He had beautiful passes that could land on a dime, but he couldn’t find consistency. After a so-so 11-game rookie year, he was able to make some solid adjustments, but not enough. In 2019, Josh Allen finished the season completing 271 passes on 461 attempts (58.8% completion) for 3,089 yards, 20 touchdowns, 9 interceptions, and held an 85.3 quarterback rating (per pro-football-reference). He also showcased incredible athleticism by rushing for 510 yards and scoring 9 touchdowns with his feet. However, this performance was tainted by an abysmal playoff debut in an AFC Wild Card matchup against the Houston Texans, a game in which his ball security problems continued to worsen. In 2019, Josh Allen registered 14 fumbles in the regular season, and in the playoffs, he had two more pathetic fumbles in crucial moments that ultimately lost the game for the Buffalo Bills. It seemed, that after his second year and his playoff debut, that he didn’t have what it took to be elite in the NFL. Before even the Bills themselves began to believe this idea, offensive coordinator Brian Daboll kicked down the door and became the prod that would push the then 23-year old into becoming the best version of himself.

The Wicked Witch

In sports, particularly in the NFL, you’ll hear about things like the dreaded “Sophomore Slump”, which refers to the instance where a player, who had a breakout season the year before, has a career-low performance in the following season. The reason for this is that as the film on him has increased substantially, teams begin to know what his tendencies are and how they can shut him down accordingly. A great example of this is current NFL running back Leonard Fournette. In his rookie season back in 2017, Fournette burst onto the stage with a 1,040 rushing yard season coupled with 9 rushing touchdowns on the season. His raw strength and power made him almost impossible to stop as the LSU product helped lead the Jacksonville Jaguars to an AFC Championship appearance. In the following season, however, the power back had his worst season to date (as a starter), as he recorded career-lows in rushing yards (439), yards per attempt (3.3), and yards per game (54.9). After his breakout rookie season, teams had more film on him and found that the key to stopping him was by targeting his legs when tackling. The result of this was numerous injuries to his ankles which forced Leanord Fournette to miss eight games that year. It’s been shown throughout the history of the league, that the best players in the NFL are the ones who are able to overcome the horrid “Sophmore Slump.” Because Josh Allen didn’t officially become the full-time starter for the Bills until last season, 2020 would serve as Allen’s sophomore season in the NFL.

The Man of the Hour

As mentioned before, the best players in the NFL are the ones who can overcome the “Sophomore Slump”, and with the help of offensive guru Brian Daboll of the Buffalo Bills’ staff, Josh Allen was able to transcend into becoming an MVP-caliber quarterback in a year filled with more questions than answers. While the 2020 offseason provided more setbacks and difficulties than one could ever imagine, Allen and Daboll used every possible chance to improve on the young gun’s talent to make him an elite quarterback in the NFL. In his campaign this past season, Josh Allen finished the year with career-highs in completion percentage (69.2%), passing yards (4,544), passing touchdowns (37) – which also tied for the most in franchise history – and quarterback rating (107.2). On top of everything that he and Daboll accomplished together in the regular season, they both said simultaneously “why stop here?” and went on to win the first playoff game for the Buffalo Bills since 1995 against the Indianapolis Colts this past weekend. In his playoff debut just a year ago, Josh Allen looked uncomfortable, paranoid, and twitchy (not in a good way) while in the pocket. This weekend, he looked like a seasoned veteran who knew when to keep the ball himself and run for the first down, delivered the ball with precision and accuracy, and maintained poise throughout the entirety of the game. In simple words, this was a Josh Allen that nobody had ever seen before. Brian Daboll was able to block out everyone who dubbed Allen to be an overrated dud in the draft and transform him into a franchise quarterback who the Buffalo Bills will compensate generously this offseason with a contract extension. Because of this sensational work in his development, Josh Allen is set to become the league’s next superstar quarterback and it’s well deserved, to say the least.