Trevor Lawrence Will Not Solve the New York Jets’ Problems

The New York Jets are panicking worse than Master Runt of the Litter as they are in the worst slump in franchise history since 1996 back when the team had an appalling 1-15 record. There are so many problems with this NFL team that not even Count Von Count wants to list them. From ownership to the players, this team is an absolute gongshow, and theĀ few promising pieces in the organization are on the verge of being shipped out of town.

Who’s Got My Back?

While every team in the NFL under a new regime attempts to establish a winning culture, it appears as though the Jets are the only team establishing a losing one. Since 2016, the New York Jets have never registered an offense ranking higher than No. 23 in points scored. To put into perspective of just how bad the Jets are, they lost to the Buffalo Bills 18-10 in their Week 7 matchup, and the Bills didn’t score a single touchdown… The coaching staff in New York are one of those plagued groups that have the inabiltiy to draft and develop players. Look no further than Year-3 quarterback Sam Darnold. Drafted No. 3 overall in the 2018 NFL Draft, Darnold was regarded as one of the best quarterbacks in the class having a tremendously high ceiling. During his breif time with the Jets though, he holds a career record of 11-20 as a starter, with a career completion percentage of 59.6% on throws while totaling 6,801 yards, 39 TDs, and 34 INTs. As troubling as these totals are, the blame is not entirely on the young buck’s shoulders, as he’s already gone through two head coaching changes — soon to be three after Adam Gase is terminated in the 2020 season — and has yet to be provided with competent pass catchers or an average offensive line that can give him a minimum of 2.5 seconds in the pocket. With the dumpster fire that makes up the front office and coaching staff, there are very few individuals who would be motivated to sign as a free agent to play for the Jets. It’s to the point where players would rather play for the Cincinnatti Bengals than play in New York City on this team. That’s rough to say the least.

“Never Tell Me the Odds”

There’s a quarterback playing for the University of Clemson right now, and his name is Trevor Lawrence. If you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, all you need to know is that Trevor Lawrence is pretty good at that football thing. He’s so good, in fact, that NFL experts are touting him as the best thing since sliced bread, with murmurs that he could be better than Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes II (somehow). According to ESPN, the New York Jets are the overwhelming favorites to win the Lawrence sweep stakes, as they currently have a 55% chance of obtaining the No. 1 overall selection in the 2021 NFL Draft. While being able to have the 6’6″ 220 lbs quarterback with his soft and flowing hair as your franchise guy is a mouthwatering thought for every coach in America, it 100% does not make up for the fact that this is a historically bad NFL team in 2020. Even if the Jets were to replace Sam Darnold with Trevor Lawrence, who is he going to throw the ball to? Braxton Berrios? Who is he going to hand the ball off to? Frank Gore in his 87th year in the NFL? There are aboslutely no weapons, nor is their protection whatsoever for Lawrence. If he were to take the field with this same group right now, he’d have a mirrored amount of the “success” that Sam Darnold is having right now: 94/161 pass attempts (58.4 CMP%) for 912 yards, 3 TDs, 6 INTs, and a 65.0 quarterback rating (per Pro-Football-Reference).

“I See a Light”

Remember in Finding Nemo, when Dory saw a light in the abyss, thinking it was hope, but it turned out to be an angler fish? That perfectly describes what it’s like to be a New York Jets fan. Just when you think they can put together a decent football team, they butcher it and end up dishing everyone out to try again, only repeating the same result. Drafting Trevor Lawrence will not make the Jets a playoff team. Drafting Trevor Lawrence will not even turn this franchise into a .500 record team. All he will do is throw fewer picks than Sam Darnold. Until everyone is wiped clean from this organization, from the owner, to the front office, to the coaching staff, the players will continue to be mediocre at best as the New York Jets will continue to be the laughing stock of the NFL.