The Kansas City Chiefs Pick Up Where They Left Off

Quarterback Patrick Mahomes and the Kansas City Chiefs are coming off of a Super Bowl win in the 2019 season, and they didn’t waste any time assuring the league that they are still elite and ready for another run after a win over the Houston Texans on opening night. While the score was 31-20, it doesn’t tell the whole story, as the Chiefs made sure this game was over by halftime. 

Hit the Ground Running

The Kansas City Chiefs knew they would have a target on their back headed into their Week 1 matchup against the Houston Texans, especially after embarrassing them in the 2019 postseason with a 51-31 win in the AFC Divisional Round. While both teams pieced together solid drives on offense early in the first quarter, the Texans fell behind quickly as the passing game could never find its footing, ultimately leaving the defense exposed to the tenacious Chiefs’ firepower as a result of short drives on offense. Quarterback Deshaun Watson did all he could for the Texans, but it wouldn’t be enough as his wide receivers failed him miserably by being unable to get open, and his offensive line almost wanting him to be sacked by DT Chirs Jones and DE Frank Clark, as they couldn’t stop the Chiefs to save their lives. As a result, Kansas City manhandled Houston with ease by amassing 31 points on a day where they could have easily scored north of 40 against the lackluster Texans defense. The Chiefs looked like they were in a preseason game, winning with ease, as Houston is a team in shambles, unable to compete against the fierce defending champs. It would not be a surprise if Houston head coach/general manager Bill O’Brien’s contract were to be terminated in the near future as a result of the pitiful team he has led into the darkness without a torch.

Shing! Sparkle, Sparkle

In their dominant win over the Texans, Kansas City uncovered a hidden gem in their lineup, and that’s rookie running back Clyde Edwards-Helaire. The Chiefs drafted the elusive back out of LSU with the 32nd overall selection in the 2020 NFL Draft, after quarterback Patrick Mahomes called head coach Andy Reid, asking the team to draft the running back. When they received the call from Mahomes, it became clear that Edwards-Helaire was to become a key cog in the machine for the Kansas City Chiefs and their attempt to become the first back-to-back Super Bowl champions since the New England Patriots (2003-2004). Despite having such a dominant passing game, the Chiefs have struggled to find a true starting running back since the departure of Kareem Hunt following an assault charge. Luckily, due to a high abundance of elite running backs in the 2020 NFL Draft class, they were able to land the 5’7” 207 lbs back who dominated the SEC a year ago and won a national championship with the LSU Tigers. In his NFL debut on Thursday night, Clyde Edwards-Helaire took the league by storm, as he tallied 25 carries for 138 yards and a touchdown on the day, showcasing quick feet and impressive finesse when evading defenders. Though it was only Week 1 of a long season, it’s safe to say that there’s a ton of potential for Edwards-Helaire to solidify himself as an elite running back in the 2020 season with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Even His Bad Day is a Good Day

As incredible as Patrick Mahomes is at football, Thursday night was far from being his best performance. There were numerous throws of his that were drastically off-target and didn’t look in sync with some of his pass-catchers. Reading this, you’d think he threw several picks and barely scratched 100 passing yards. However, Mahomes finished the night completing 24 of 32 passes for 211 yards and 3 TDs. For any other quarterback in the league, this is an impressive outing. For the former MVP and Super Bowl MVP, this is an “off day” to his standards. Even on those “off days”, the guy is still the best quarterback in the world, never mind the NFL. This performance against the Houston Texans is as poor of a performance you can get out of Patrick Mahomes. Being a perfectionist, he’s going to come back next week, looking to obliterate his opponent. Nobody wants to go against this magician, as he can, and will, beat the will to play out of his adversaries.

On the Road Again

As mentioned above, this was just the first week of the regular season, and there is still a lot more football to be played before it can be decided who the true contenders are for this year’s championship title. As for now, The Kansas City Chiefs are going to enjoy this win, and prepare for another one in Week 2 against the L.A. Chargers in the brand new So-Fi Stadium. Expect to hear RB Clyde Edwards-Helaire’s name throughout the season, as he will be the rookie to watch for the defending champions. As for the rest of the team, expect nothing short of dominance from an offense led by Patrick Mahomes with head coach Andy Reid calling the plays through his heavily fogged up face shield. Only 16 more weeks to go until the playoffs.