McDavid Needs to Leave the Edmonton Oilers

Connor McDavid, center and captain for the Edmonton Oilers, is not only the best ice hockey player in the world, but he’s the most dominant athlete in the world – and it’s not even close. Just 22-years old, he has recorded 443 points in 334 career games, by registering three – 100+ point seasons, with an expected fourth-straight in his 2019-20 campaign. The best player to ever step on the ice is wasting away in Edmonton and it’s time for him to save his career and leave the team.

Who Needs Teammates?

McDavid is the definition of a one-man army. He’s the fastest player in the league, has the best stick-skills in the league, he’s the smartest, most durable, and most precise hockey player you could ever dream of. In 47 games this season, Connor McDavid has 25 goals and 46 assists and his plus/minus (plus for being on the ice for a goal for, minus for being on the ice for a goal against) is still a -3. If that is not a sign of how horrific this Oilers team is, I literally don’t know what else to show you, other than when he, and co-star Leon Draisatl, compiled 100+ points each, and the Oilers still failed to reach the playoffs in the 2018-19 season. The next highest point total on the team was 69 points, and behind that was 41 points, by a defenseman. Only five players on the 2018-19 roster recorded more than 30 points. The Oilers allowed a total of 274 goals against, ranking 6th highest in the NHL. If Connor McDavid is to achieve any significance in his career, he needs to leave Edmonton and find a team that supports a winning culture.

“I Don’t Need This Suit!” ~ Sandy Cheeks

NHL players are some of the most loyal professional athletes when it comes to playing for the team that drafted you. It’s not about money, it’s not about winning rings by joining superteams. It’s about the commitment to the city and fans who believed in you and returning the favor by winning them a Stanley Cup. For Connor McDavid however, so long as he stays in Edmonton, he will be the greatest hockey player ever to never win a Stanley Cup. Recording 100+ point seasons can only satisfy you for so long before you start becoming frustrated with the lack of support among your teammates. In a postseason interview after his 2018-19 campaign, McDavid had the expression and the voice of someone who is simply demoralized. Someone who is at a loss of words for the lack of help from his teammates and has little hope for future success. McDavid is a player who would be willing to sacrifice 40 points if it meant he had support from his teammates. Instead, he and Leon Draisaitl are the only one’s who are capable of leading this team to victory. If Connor McDavid were to announce today that he demands a trade out of Edmonton, there is not a single team in the NHL that would not offer the world to the Oilers in exchange for him. If the Oilers GM does not provide more offensive weapons for this team, McDavid, without a doubt, will leave this franchise and seek one that can provide him with what he deserves.

What? You Think You’re Better Than Me? ~ New York

The degree in which McDavid is the best player in the NHL is nearly incomprehensible. When comparing the stardom of players in other professional sports, such as the NBA for instance; you will receive a multitude of answers if you were to ask: Who is, currently, the best player in the league? You’d receive answers like LeBron James, the Greek Freak, Kawhi Leonard, Anthony Davis, etc. Furthermore, the margin in which those players are reviewed are nearly identical. There is no comparable relationship of Connor McDavid’s talent in the NHL to any other athlete in their respective sport, because he is unfathomably better than the next best player in the league. Even in soccer, Cristiano Renaldo’s incredible skills, compared to his teammates and opponents, is still insignificant in comparison to McDavid’s dominance. The biggest mistake made by sports fans is trying to find a professional athlete whose dominance is comparable to Connor McDavid’s. In reality, there is no comparison that can be made, as he has the most significant edge over every dominant athlete. If you asked ten hockey fans who the best player in the NHL is, they will respond with Connor McDavid of the Edmonton Oilers. Anybody who disagrees will be biased in their reasoning. McDavid needs a large market to play in so that the world can see how incredible this human being is at stick-puck.

Would You Rather?

There is no McDavid of the NBA, NFL, or MLB because McDavid is his own category. There is not a single athlete in the world that can be compared to him. In the event that the Edmonton Oilers and Center Connor McDavid made a mutual agreement to part ways via a trade, every team in the NHL would be willing to give up their entire bottom six of their starting lineup in order to acquire him. It would not be absurd to consider that the Toronto Maple Leafs would be willing to give up C Auston Matthews and LW William Nylander, along with several high draft picks, in order to compensate the Oilers for acquiring the generational talent. McDavid’s prowess in the league instantly makes, whatever team he is playing on, a contender for the Stanley Cup. There are only so many 100+ point seasons you can tally before you grow restless over your team’s lack of success. Not only does he deserve success, but the entire world deserves to see him on national television in a big market, so that they can see just how incredible he is. So long as Connor remains in Edmonton, they will forever keep him in the shadows, and out of the limelight – where he needs to be.

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